Me Too is a show about identity. It is about the experiences that make us who we are. Every episode, a monologue written anonymously by one student is performed by another. Host Sid Gopinath then dissects the monologue through a conversation with the student actor, a community member, or a member of the Me Too Monologues production team.

The podcast is based on Me Too Monologues, a successful annual performance that showcases anonymously submitted monologues. Founded by a Duke student in 2009, the show has since spread to over a dozen other institutions of higher learning. Nearly a third of Duke’s undergraduate student body comes to see the impactful student performances on stage each year.

Building on the show’s success and community impact, we are excited to have expanded Me Too into a podcast that we hope will reach across the nation. The podcast captures the experience of connecting to a monologue after it is performed. It captures the weight of realizing “me too” when it comes to the experiences of a community. Combining aesthetic excellence with community storytelling, Me Too reaches audiences viscerally and raises consciousness about the structural and personal challenges facing individuals.

The Crew

Sid Gopinath, Host and Co-Producer

Sid is a senior at Duke University from Minneapolis, Minnesota studying computer science and journalism. At Duke, he has written various articles for the university newspaper exploring the arts on and off Duke campus and seeks to find ways to explore the intersection of technology and storytelling. As the son of immigrants, he hopes to give marginalized voices a national storytelling platform through this podcast. Sid hosts and also helps out as a producer on “Me Too,” contributing to tasks as broad as the general vision down to the nitty gritty editing.

Maddie Stambler, Co-Producer

Currently a senior at Duke from Atlanta, Georgia, Maddie designed her own major in storytelling and has continued to experiment with and study its different forms. Maddie enjoys stories that offer a new perspective, digging deeper into things we think we already know. She is drawn to stories that illuminate the ways that we are all connected as human beings. Maddie is a producer on Me Too and oversees everything from brainstorming and scripting to recording and editing.

Lauren Rosen, Co-Producer

Lauren is a senior at Duke University studying English, Political Science and Theater. She has worked on various stage and television productions, all of which share Me Too’s common thread of telling the story beyond the ones visible on the surface. Involved with the Me Too organization for the past three years, Lauren is a producer and theatrical director of the podcast, working with the actors on delivery and theatricality for each installment of the podcast.

Amy Unell, Co-ProducerAdvisor

Amy serves as a catalyst and liaison to create, connect and collaborate in Arts Engagement and Partnerships across the University. Prior to her role with the Office of the Vice Provost for the Arts to curate and promote initiatives in all facets of arts education at Duke, Amy was an Emmy-nominated producer for NBC Today Show. A graduate of Duke University, Amy advises and supports the “Me Too” podcast team from ideation—she attended the WNYC’s Werk It conference this summer—to distribution. Amy teaches seminar courses at Duke focused on multimedia storytelling and is excited about the potential of the Me Too podcast!