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Applications for the 18-19 team are due on:
Sunday, April 8th, 2018 at 11:59PM

Executive Producer(s)
Responsible for the logistics of the production, including obtaining funding, building partnerships, scheduling, reserving performance space, and coordinating merchandise.

Theatrical Director
Responsible for the theatrical components of Me Too’s mainstage show and rehearsal logistics, which includes scheduling and actor correspondence.

Assistant Director(s)
Supports the Theatrical Director in all tasks, especially working with the actors leading up to the show.

Director of National Expansion
Responsible for overseeing the expansion of Me Too. This includes seeking out partners at other schools and gauging their interest, while also maintaining contact with the schools that have already adopted Me Too. 

Publicity Manager/Graphic Designer(s)
Responsible for increasing the visibility of Me Too Monologues on campus by finding creative ways to publicize monologue submissions, auditions, and the show itself on social media and around campus. Also, responsible for maintaining and editing Me Too’s online presence.

Podcast Team Member(s)
All will collaborate to select actors and monologues to be featured on the podcast. The team is broken down into these roles:

  • Producer
    In charge of scheduling, distributing the podcast, marketing, and working heavily with the Me Too team itself.
  • Host
    Responsible for hosting each episode and facilitating conversations.
  • Editor
    Responsible for editing the podcast.